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Our Therapists are going places.

Therapy Resources is a diverse network of highly skilled therapists ready to provide high quality, short or long-term coverage, in a variety of settings. We are not simply placing people — we are committed to matching the therapist with individual patient needs and understand how important compatibility can be to the client’s success.

We currently provide:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Physical Therapists
  • Licensed Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Speech Language Pathologists

All are available to fill vacancies created by increased census, employee resignations, maternity leaves, or vacations. Our therapists have graduated from accredited schools and maintain required licenses or certifications. They are available for assignments from one day to one year.

Skills for Any Setting
Our therapists require only limited orientation once they begin a placement due to their extended experience. We are dedicated to providing services in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Staffing is available in the following settings:

  • School Systems
    Therapists have been trained to meet the unique demands of school-based practice and compliment the educational process. They are prepared to evaluate, provide treatment, and develop IEPs.

  • Long Term Care Facilities
    Services unique to long term care are also available as therapists have been well prepared to meet the changing demands of this arena and understand the complexities of this population with the integration of PPS.

  • Hospitals
    Our therapists have experience in managing the fast paced needs of acute care as well as the detail oriented care needed in the inpatient rehabilitation setting.

  • Home Health
    Therapy Resources has a longstanding relationship with home health agencies and understand the inconsistent census demands of this fluctuating setting. The therapists who work in home health have a strong dedication to these patients and the circumstances that go with working in their homes.

  • Residentially Based Programs
    Therapy Resources provides therapeutic services to clients living in government operated residential programs. Our therapists strive to enhance life skills and provide ongoing training to the in-house staff.

  • Private Insurance
    Therapy Resources participates in the management and care of catastrophic injuries, which may require long range care planning and establishment of life care plans.

Coordination of Services
Our Services Coordinator is ready to take your call and gather the information needed to understand your facility, population and services so we can match the most appropriate therapist to your needs.

Once an agreement is reached and a therapist has been assigned, the Services Coordinator will contact you to confirm dates and location. Ongoing communication will be provided to ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction.

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